I'm Back

As if i've been away for too long, huh! :-) Well I am back from being away for couple of days because I was sick. Right now i feel better but still i have a little cough and sniffles. I'm trying my best not to laze too much in bed for i will feel it would aggravate my situation and get worse. I am just glad that I was on my day off at the onset of my illness so I was able to rest. When I went back to work I am already starting to get better.

It's really hard to be sick here in the US. If your husband is not around you are forced to do things your own. Self-service! Makatawag jud ka ug Mama! {You can really call your mother!} When my papasang goes to work he always reminds me to call him whatever happens. I told him don't worry I will call 911 too hehehe. Haaay..{sigh} Not even in the Philippines that you can say "bawal magkasakit" {not allowed to be sick} but here too. Not only that medical bills is so expensive but also the hassle of doing your daily tasks and work. You will have no personal help {katulong} and family to be there to help you. Minus point for being here in the US hehehe.

Anyways, we went to church this morning. We're 10min late so we just stand at the back, behind the pews. The homily of the priest is all about living with God. That without Him we are nothing. I truly believe in that. He had a small quiz or something. He asked how many letters left if you take out Christ in the word Christian. The equation would be christian - christ = ian. And ian stands for I - I, A - Am, N - Nothing. That's it; Without Christ I am nothing! I remember this equation when I attended Life in the Spirit seminar. And I always live with it. Never to depart Christ away from your life. Because without Him we can't do nothing.


I would like to thank all my well-wishers. Thanks for your prayers. It really mean so much to me. I appreciate it as well as for visiting my blog site and leaving your heart-warming comments. I am now in my pink of health. God bless you all!



Raquel said...

hi mare, good that you are back.

Raquel said...

You are right mare, bawal magkasakit dito sa tate. Maayo nalang ang flu kay mild ra dili na kilangan mo adto sa hospital. Dagku kaayo ang mga bills diri labi kong about na sa atong health.

I like these phrase "Without Christ I am nothing!"

Have a wonderful week. Give my hello to papasang.

Ethel said...

Halo mareng Bless,
Welcome back! Glad you got your flu shot :)))
Yeah, without Christ I Am Nothing!
No human being can stand that unless he is identified with Jesus Christ. We are not sanctified for ourselves. We are called into intimacy with the gospel, and things happen that appear to have nothing to do with us. But God is getting us into fellowship with Himself.
We have a God who is faithful
and will never forsake His own;
He is never too busy to take time
for us and will never leave us to
face our trials alone.

Mareng Bless, very nice ur music back, luv it!

Bless said...

Mareng Raq...mao lagi oi lisod jud magkasakit diri a. Na mahunong man jud tanan hehehe. Maayo na lang kay wala jud ko nagrabehan. Naulian na ko unya inom na lang ko pirmi ug tea, honey & lemon nga gitudlo ni Hezzel.

Mareng Ethel na wala pa ko nakapaflu shot. miaadto mi sa hospital gaina flumist ra ang ihatag kuno sa akoa kay dili man ko hi-risk. COmparable ra man hinuon ang effect. Pero na way available pud sa hospital. Maghulat pa. Mahutdan sila pirmi diri a.
Lagi Mads Without Christ we are nothing jud! Ug thank you for appreciating sa akong music. Ganahan pud kaayo ko ani ba. Si papasang ang nag-introduce sa ako ani. One of our favorites kuno hehehe

Raquel said...

Mare, ok na ko karon. Si Maria dili man grabe. maayo unta dili mapadayun iyang balatian karon.

Everytime mo inom ku cough syrup kay knock out jud, mora kog patay natulog. Ganiha adlawan kay ika duha man ko ni tumar ika duha pod ko na knock out. Tag 2 to 3 hours pa jud akong tulog. Luoy Toney boy kay sya bantay ni Maria.

O cge mao ra to. Good night.

Tess said...

Bless, 'am glad ur back! pag amping gayud sa lawas kay lisod wala ra ba tay mama dire. Thanks for visiting my blog, enjoy u day!

carlota said...

Hi Bless,

I'm glad you all well na and welcome back!

Salamat diay for visiting my journal really appreciate imong comments.

oh segi, take care as always.

Che said...

Hi Bless,
Glad to know ur fine now....Oo off sa ko sa posting ron,but I'll be back.medyo lots of things going on lately...take care...

Bless said...

Mareng Raq maayo kay mejo naulian na ka gamay. Ug i pray that Maria's sickness will not get worst. Just take plenty of fluids and lots of rest.

Hi Tess! Yes oi amping gajud kay lisod na! Ug thanks for visiting mine too.

Hello there Carl! I just visited your blog and it's your birthay pala. Happy birthday and God bless.

Che it's okay nga wala say post. Take your time with your personal business. Thanks sa pagbisita, God bless.

coffeecrumbles said...

Blessy Welcome back amiga!! Glad to hear na you're ok now!! Iinom mo lang ng mga rich in vitamin c tanggal yang sniffles mong yan! ~_*

I had a blast meeting Ate Kim sobra!! Hopefully mameet din kita, I know that will happen! ~_*

Advance Happy Thanksgiving sis!

geri said...

Sa Pilipinas "Bawal Magkasakit" kay mahal ang tambal. Dire naa man untay insurance, "Bawal Magkasakit" lang gihapon kay you are left to fend for yourself alone huhu. Get well soon Blessie!

Bless said...

You said so Ger! You're all there is to do things na imo kinahanglan buhaton. HAayy malisod gajud!

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