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I have so much to share lately that I don't know what I am going to post in here first. I was in a dilly dally mood these past days that now it all seemed a history to me already =) Nevertheless, I will still try to post some of it for my friends and relatives to know.

But before anything else, I am very, very happy. The waiting is over. I am not a quolurum here in the US anymore [lolz]. I GOT MY PERMANENT RESIDENT CARD already without the hassle of interview!!!! It was approved December 15, 2005. YES! Now I can rest and relax worrying the immigration paper works until 2007 when it's time for me to renew it.

To give you a long overview ;-), I came here December 10, 2004. Got married on the 18th. Got my TD shot then filed Adjustment of Status [AOS] on the 29th of January this year. We moved from Kentucky coming here in Georgia. But before settling here in GA we went for a belated honeymoon vacation the whole month of February going to Hawaii & Washington State. So I wasn't able to get hold of the notice dated February 4, 2005 from the USCIS until March 1, 2005. I was asked to call USCIS to have an apointment schedule for my biometrics/fingerprinting both for AOS and employment authorization. The latest they could accommodate me was April 2005. I waited for the result then early May I got a notice of approval for my working permit but the date the permit's validity is from March, 16, 2005 to March 15, 2006.

From May I waited for any notice for my AOS but the Atlanta processing dates is 2 years behind. I was so worried thinking that my work permit will expire long before I could get my residency card. Came September 20, 2005 another notice from USCIS advising that my case was being transferred to California Service Center in order to speed processing. 3rd week of October I received a blue notice dated October 11, 2005 requesting additional information which they itemized. (1) Marriage Certificate [We submitted an orig copy beforehand but Thank God we had 3 extra original copies left] (2) I-693 Medical Examination with Immunization Form. I was given until January 3, 2006 to submit the information requested. Failure to do so in one time will result to denial of my application. Huh! scary!

It's a good thing that there is a civil surgeon in our area so we asked info of what they require. We were told that I can have the medical exam taken from my primary care manager then after everything is completed have to go there for the physical exam and other assessments. I had my medical/lab exam by November at an Army hospital [HIV test, PPD skin test, RPR or syphilis]. I was told that the HIV result will take not more than 2 weeks because the blood samples will be taken to another laboratory for examination. I got all my results and they were all negative. Went to the civil surgeon for physical exam. I underwent the same thing back in St. Lukes. Total disrobing and the sad part was the physician is male. I can't choose because he's the only civil surgeon near us and I have a deadline to beat. But all ended up well in a heartbeat.

Then I had the vaccination assessment. It was found out that I need to have the last dose of MMR and the 2nd and 3rd dose of TD then boosters thereafter. But he gave me the sealed envelope already minus the immunization supplemental form. The doctor told me that I'll get the last dose of MMR & 2nd TD shots then he'll give me another sealed envelope containing my vaccination supplemental form with annotation that I am eligible for blanket waiver since I have to wait for certain time to get the rest of the shots. After 2 days I got all the shots needed for the time being. I showed my shot record to the civil surgeon in the afternoon of Dec. 7th. Was told to come by in the morning of the 8th to get the other envelope. My husband picked it up for me and mailed it to CSC.

I checked online and the notice showed that they received it on the 9th of Dec. Everyday I checked my status but there was no changes made. Until last night while I was at work my hubby called up around 10pm. He said he's going to tell me something. Wondering what, I asked him as soon as I got in the car past 11pm. He kept me on suspense telling he loves me and that's all. My instinct buzzed up and I know he's into something. Then after couple of minutes of talking he reached into his jacket pocket and handed me the envelope. I fumbled into the car's light and opened the envelope. To my amazement it's my card! What a gift on christmas! I'm awed to the max. I thought I will still wait until next year to have it. I can't ask for anything more this christmas. This is more than enough gift for me. I had it without being interviewed. I think it's the reward for those who have waited [lolz]

I am so thankful to God for this great blessing. And also thankful for my husband for always telling me that I will have it for christmas. I am so glad that despite some delays and waiting everything went smoothly.



Ethel said...

Halo mareng Bless CONGRATULATIONS great gifts ba yan sa Christmas :) nakatawa ko sa imong yawet nga quolorum :)
Merry Christmas kaninyo diha ni papasang :) God Bless!!!

luxgurl said...

Ako diay ang pirst ug sekan dire :)

Ghie said...

Pirs ko silingan, kinsa man ng lux wala nay labot, hehehe. CONGRATULATIONS silingan!

carlota said...

Bless, Congratulations! No worry na. ako ani expire ako green card oct. 2006 so busy na sab ko ani ug process. i kept telling Tom & Julie next month you guys can kick me out in this country...hahaha...for me its a joke but no for them. tawa lang ko nila nga nasuko nako.

oh segi take care and Have a wonderful Christmas. God Bless!

Tess said...

Congrats Bless, that's a very nice christmas gift for u and hubby di ba? Mao na karoy uso, no more interview, so dili na gyud kolurom, hehe!

JO said...

Congratulations Bless! It's a very nice Christmas gift indeed!


geri said...

Congrats Bless! I remembered how excited I was when I got my permanent card too :)

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