My 5 Best Nights

Rule: Name 5 best nights of your life and tag 5 friends.

1. The night after I defend my college thesis and my adviser told me my diploma is in the bag already.

2. The night after I saw my now husband first time at Heathrow airport in London. It was a surreal thing that happened.

3. The night when he proposed marriage to me and gave me a ring. Then the night we got married. It was a 7pm ceremony with just his relatives.

4. The night we learned we got pregnant after almost 2 years of having fertility work up. We are just too anxious to have a family right away.

5. 10:46PM, the night our darling daughter was born. The happiest night ever, incomparable.

Now I will tag 5 of my good internet friends Yen, Lutchi, Ylan, Ethel, Carlota. No pressure my friends. Just do it at your convenience. Thank you.



Ylan said...

Salamat Bless! i enjoyed doing the tag. :)

Bless said...

@ Ylan - thanks too Ylan. I appreciate it.

Carlota said...

Hi Bless...sorry karon pa jud ko kalugar ug lili diri. I will do it soon...

#5 for sure the feeling when you have the baby in not incomparable.

Ingat lagi. hugs!

Bless said...

Hello Ta! No probs oi. Salamat for doing it. Lagi way sama jud.
you take care too.

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