My gassy baby

It's been couple of days now that our baby Shiloh is cringing with tummy pain in the middle of the night as well as early in the morning. She'll twist her body left and right just to force the dreaded unwanted gas in her tiny tummy. It is really very pitiful to look at your little one enduring the kind of pain. I am always careful to what I am eating because I know that also causes her being gassy. At times I really blame myself for that. I never eat broccoli, cabbage, pepper, beans, sweet potato and a lot more coz the doc said it can give gas too. I eliminated those in my diet. My Mom told me to use Aceti de Manzanilia but I can't find it in the Filipino Store. Her Pedia gave us a med drops to give to her when she's having gas. It does help. My only concern is that at her young age she'll have much medicine residue in her system. That is why I only give it to her when I know it's so difficult for her to pass the gas. Most of the time after she push it the gas will pass and she's a happy baby again.



Raquel said...

Mao ba ning tawag sa ato nga gibuturan? Lahi-lahi cguro ang mga reaction sa bata madz kay katong ga breastfeed ko kang Maria kanang imong gi mention diha nga mga foods, mao na akong gipangkaon, wala man sya gibuturan. Ga pump pod ko pero akong gamit nga mga bottles kay playtex, katong plastic liners bitaw.

Try gamit sa playtex liners madz kay easy ra kaayo inig patutoy kung ga breastpump ka kay ilabay ra man dayon na to ang liners.

Bless said...

@ raquel - oo mads kana akong gamit sab. ambot arte man ning akong gamay oi.

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