Result is In

The June 2007 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam result is in. Unfortunately only one of my niece, Karen, passed the said exam. Sheena didn't make it. But it's not the end yet. We encourage her to take the next one. Everyone has its own time. To Karen congratulations! Another nurse in the family.

On another note. How true is the news that those who did not pass the exam can still work as a Practical Nurse? Is it really a definite decision of the government? For me I believe it is a good idea. At least when they don't want to retake yet they can still get a job instead. What do you guys think?



Raquel said...

Hi Madz, thank you for the continuation of this topic. Congratulations for Karen.

For Sheena, it is not end yet, just keep on trying until you will succeed. Good luck and strive harder next time. :)

Bless said...

YOu are welcome mads! Lagi there is still another chance. Thanks for passing by here.

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