As a married couple I would say we have an excellent teamwork. This is a good foundation in building a strong relationship. How can I say we have a good teamwork with my hubby? We both work. My husband being in the army he's working hours is more than mines. In order for me to do what I want, we managed our time benefitting both of us. Everytime I am scheduled to work I will bring our daughter to my workplace. Before I clock in husband will pick her up and bring her home. In that way I will not be late and both of us have time to bond with our daughter. I also requested 2 days off aside from weekends, that I cannot work because hubby it is hubby's school schedule. I thought it will not work out. But if both of you are willing to sacrifice and compromise everythimg will work out fine. I am very lucky I have a very supportive husband. I know he is tired after work but still he didn't complain. He said it's not a sacrifice at all. It is his responsibility as a father and a husband to support the family. I would say now, so far we don't have any problems and our arrangement is doing great.



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