Beautiful Mel tagged me about this Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! and etcetera, etcetera.

What is your favorite..
gum: Trident
restaurant: Chilli Thai
drink: Thai tea
season: spring, summer & fall
type of weather: Sunny @ 75deg while am typing this
emotion: complex
thing to do on a half day: household chores
late-night activity: blogging ..lols
sport: basketball, wrestling & badminton
city: London & Paris
store: a lot. no particular

When was the last time you..
cried: 2 weeks ago
played a sport: early 2004 (badminton)
laughed: while i'm composing this. DD always makes me smile.
hugged someone: right now. hugging & cuddling DD while blogging hehehe
kissed someone: few minutes ago
felt depressed: 2 mons ago
felt elated: couple of days ago when i received my first blogging income :-)
felt overworked: depends. can't exactly tell
faked sick: none that i can remember of
lied: secret

What was the last..
word you said: tsubibo - to my DD. she was turning around her playpen like one.
thing you ate: cereals w/ milk
song you listened to: Soundtract of Margarita - teleserye in ABS-CBN
thing you drank: H2O & milk
place you went to: mall
movie you saw: Transformer
movie you rented: The Island
concert you attended: I can't remember.

Who was the last person you..
hugged: hubby early am when he went to work & DD
cried over: family
kissed: hubby & DD
danced with: DD
shared a secret with: hubby
had a sleepover with: none
called: hubby
went to a movie with: hubby & DD
saw: DD
were angry with: none
couldn't take your eyes off of: hubby & DD
obsessed over: hubby & DD

Have you ever..
danced in the rain: when i was a kid
kissed someone: obviously am married
done drugs: never
drank alcohol: yeah
slept around: not ever
partied 'til the sun came up: once
had a movie marathon: yeah
gone too far on a dare: nope not yet
spun until you were immensely dizzy: i am not sure of. maybe when i was a kid.
taken a survey quite like this before: i did but not as long as this hehehe

I will tag Lucel, Irel, Julai, Junelle and those who wanna do this meme. Thank you all.



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