Caring - To What Extent?

I am just so sadden hearing relatives and friends telling me that one of our friends is into a very miserable situation right now. Was depressed and turn to drugs and alcohol to find solace. But sad to note it didn't turned out to be what he wanted to be. He was doomed. Trapped in a pit hole where he cannot get out anymore if he will not be checked in a drug rehabilitation. I didn't expect him to become what he is right now. I hope his family will give him a chance and bring him in to rehab. That's another sad thing, the family thought he is a hopeless case. But they should not decide that until they had him detoxed. I don't know, seemed like their care for me is not showing enough intervention. Because it's family they should be their for him no matter what, right?



Roselle said...

Hi Bless! Thanks for the visit.. Ofcourse we can exchange links. Will add you na po :) Take Care!

Bless said...

Thanks Selle I will add u too.

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