Congratulations To My Friend Ching!

I just got a call from my friend Ching from Darby, PA. She told me the good news that she is already an American Citizen. We met while we were waiting at the US Embassy in Manila for our interview. From then on we keep in touch. We also came here in the US of A together with our other friend Claud in CA. We booked our flight then at the same date and time so it wasn't a boring flight.

It was a fast processing for her citizenship. She didn't even file for removal because she joined the US military (Army) last year. After bootcamp she waited couple of months then she applied for naturalization. She told me she didn't pay for the application. That's really good.

Congratulations ma friend! See you next year. Am so excited :-)



gwapasila said...

na ako ani blessie manigulang nalang dili pa gyud ma amerkana "hehehe"

Bless, favor can you add my diri...I added your already .TC

Bless said...

Hi gwapa I added you already. Ang tulo jud hehe thanks for adding mines.

Raquel said...

Wow, kakainggit.

Congratulations to your friend Ching!

Bless said...

@ raquel - lagi salamat mads. kakainggit jud. dali ra kaayo siya.

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