Credit Score

I don't have any idea about this credit score thingy until I came here in the US. For my understanding, I think it is as important as your Social Security Number. It is very important here to maintain a good credit in order to get a house, car, apply for credit, and even apply for a job. I remember the first time I applied for a job. I went to this agency that hires people to work for a banking and credit card maker company. I went through a lot of test, e.g. microsoft office skills, typing. customer service, etc.

They called me the next day saying that I passed all the test and have to go to their office for paper works to be done. When I went to the office they told me if I am ready to do the 30 days training. Then they called the HR of the company to start my paperworks. Unfortunately the HR told the agency they conducted credit check and they found nothing. The agency told them that I came from Philippines. But the company said that they don't have any means of checking my credit from there. It is simply telling me that I cannot be accepted for the job because I don't have any credit history here. I was only here for 7 months that time. The agency told me that they can place me in other company that is not that strict when it comes to credit checking.

Now that I am nearly 3 years living here, I would say that I did great with building my credit. My credit score is on the E side. My husband is very instrumental in building my score. He can't even believe I got that high score. He told me it is up to me to maintain it. For which I do not fear coz I won't do anything to jeopardize it. I believe it is solely on the person on how to manage the finances as well as being responsible in everything.



JO said...

so true. we had a hard time starting when we first migrated because of this credit score thing... now, offers for credit lines/cards keeps on coming even if we didn't apply for it.

Bless said...

@ jo - yup very hard. i am glad i am doing great right now. u are right with the credit lines/card offers. we always gets a couple in mails everyday.

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