Wouldn’t you be pissed if you search for something and you will get zero result, especially when you needed the information really badly? Or when you want something new you will be given the old search results? But pissed no more! There is a new search engine that will enable you to search the web in real time and even get the invisible pages. It is the MyLiveSearch World First Live Engine. This is the first of its kind that makes your computer become a live search engine.

How does it work? In order for your computer to turn into a search engine you have to down load the beta plug-ins from After you have downloaded it you will be able to use it and search. You will get bountiful of information using this search engine. Those that you didn’t know existed will appear and be known to you.

This revolutionized search engine is made to keep up with the demanding high technology. Accordingly, 80% of information on the web are invisible that cannot be searched by the conventional search engine. With MySearchLive those data and information that do not have links can be found. Try it now and enjoy searching information from the world wide web.



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