Preparing for the Future

Living here in the US had opened my eyes to a lot of things. I finally realized that we have to be ready at all times and plan for our future. Just like for example having family insurance plans for health, dental, disability, short term & long term care, life insurance and a lot more. Here these are the same as your basic necessities. These are your shield against anything and your love ones assurance if anything will happen to you.

That is why with me and my husband we made sure to cover every possibility. We didn’t take any chances. Being prepared for the future is what we can ultimately do as a legacy to our kids. We both have whole life policies. Some people would tell us that it is not necessary for now because we are still able. But when are you going to be prepared? As the song says “we all pass this way but once”. So we have to make sure that whenever we have to meet our end, those that we left behind is being taken care of.

Before we purchased our insurance policies we did insurance quote to make sure the right term for us as well as checking the insurance provider’s reputation. With all the insurance companies evolving it is important to know the company where you buy it from and the rates. It will be a sad thing if for the longest time you have been paying then when it is needed the company is already gone.



roentarre said...

Insurance companies can be tricky at times ...

Bless said...

@ roentarre - you said it right. my sister was a victim. thanks for the visit and commentin :-)

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