Q & A Tag from Irel

Irel started a Q & A tag. She has a question and you answer it then you also bounceback a question with your answer. Hmmm... let's see if I can answer her question.

Her Question is this: "How true is it? that body builders have small penis?"

My Answer: I have no idea! I haven't seen one so I don't know :-) But to make a guess (uneducated or educated) I believe it is only a myth that perpetuates because bodybuilders build their muscles to the extent of taking hormones that in return can decrease the hormones of secondary sexual characteristics to develop. Other than that I guess all the muscles of a bodybuilder is bulging out that their organ looks or appear smaller.

My Question: Why when you see somebody yawn it makes you feel like yawning as well? Is it contagious?

If you are reading this - Can YOU give me your answer or "kuro-kuro" about this?



Anonymous said...

hello thank u for responding:) about your question here's my answer:)
"Probably it's because we heard too much of it and it's stuck on our head that our subconscious automatically send the message to the Braain!"
thanks again:) mwah

vickyneis said...

Hi Bless just stopping bye. I know when I see someone yawn I do the same . Take Care

gwapasila said...

happy tuesday Bless. TC

Bless said...

Hello Ladies thanks for passing by and you all have a great Tuesday as well.

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