Better Half Tag

I got tag by In-in to write about our better half. The instruction is numbered below. He don't mind so here's some information about him and how we met.

1. First name: if he doesn't like his name plastered all over the internet, a pet name will do.
2. How and where did you meet?
3. Characteristics
4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now.

* First Name : Daniel
* We met in one of Yahoo Chatrooms way back in late 2001. We added each other on YM but only chatted couple of times. I haven't heard anything from him for more than six months. Until one day in 2002 I was online and his name appeared on mine as available and that time also he was about to click the delete button on my name when it suddenly appeared online to him. He sent me a message asking my phone number because he wanted to call me and ask me something. I was hesistant then because I am not sure if he was real or not. But he promised he will call me as soon as he gets my number. So I gave my cellphone number and he called indeed. From then on he called me almost everyday and sent me emails, snail mails, instant messages. He was very persistent, respectful and very trustworthy that I accepted his proposal to be his girl after almost a year of corresponding. In March 2004 we met in person when he visited me in United Kingdom. He asked my hand in marriage and the rest is history.
* He is respectful, trustworthy, responsible, generous and very loving husband and father. Very meticulous person and sometimes stubborn.
* 20 or 30 years from now we hope we are somewhere peaceful and living a happy life together.

I would like to tag anyone who wanted to share something about their partner. Thanks y'all.



""rare jonRez"" said...

oh Bless... ur love story is one unique tale to tell as well! i'm glad to know how u two became an item. hehe!

musta na dha?

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