My Philippine Passport Renewed

While we were at Washington DC I renewed my Philippine passport. Since I live in Georgia the Philippine Embassy in DC is where I have to submit my forms at. But before I can get another passport I have to report my marriage since I am now using my husband's family name. Here's what I did:

Report of Marriage: Processing Fee $25.00
4 Filled-out copies of ROM form
4 Copies of Marriage Certificate
1 Notarized or Original Copy of Marriage Certificate (Will be returned)
4 Passport Photo of Husband
4 Passport Photo of Wife
Duly accomplished Information Sheet on Filipinos Marrying Foreign Nationals
Issuance of Passport: (Renewal) $50.00 for 32 page booklet
Filled-out Application Form
3 Passport Photo
Original Passport
We arrived at Philippine Embassy late, passed 2pm on Thursday, Oct. 11. There was one Filipina waiting for her passport and one submitting her application. I was still filling out the forms because I left some spaces. Afterwards, I handed my application to the lady at the window. She went through my papers and asked me when we are heading back to GA. I told her by Sunday.
The releasing of passport if you appeared personally is from 4pm the next day. The problem was they are closed that Friday in observance of Eidl Fitr - Muslim celebration at the end of Ramadan. She told me then to wait and she went inside. Less than 5 minutes she came out and handed me my receipt and told me to come back in between 4-5pm that day to get my passport. I was so thankful because I will not wait for my passport to be mailed out to me. I got it the very same day. The experience was way too easy and smooth than when I applied in Philippines.
The lady also told me I can do a report of birth of our DD. That way the child born abroad of a Filipno parent will be registered also in Philippine Civil Registry. Hubby wanted to do it right there and then but I didn't bring a copy of my birth certificate so we may just have to mail it. The fee is $25.00. Does any of you Filipina Mommies done it already?



""rare jonRez"" said...

hi Bless! getting a pasport here in the US is indeed way easy than in Phils. but it's good that there in Washington, it was only $50. here sa Chicago it was close to $80 including the mailing. some of the staffs pa jud kay istrikto. nah.. tarayan pud naku kay mga hilas man kaayo ang uban! :D oh well, about sa registration sa anak, hmm... i've thought about that, too. but i also am thinking gabayad-bayad lang, mao ra japon walay kwenta kung ma-register sa Phil. Civil Registry kay wala ma'y makuha sila. :D but i dunno, ipa-register ra siguro namo among Triz kung mouli na mi Pinas!

btw, pwede ba ma-add nimo ni akong new page Bless? if naa pa ka space diri? i've added u na here! cge, let me know! thanks!

Bless said...

sure cel I will add your new site to mine. ako pud i add didto sa akong isa ka blog. thanks sa invite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bless I'm from Clarksville,Tennessee, do you know if I can mail my application forms to renew my passport? sige ko tawag sa ila wala may motubag para mangutana pod sa requirements. sucks.

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