Relocation Trip I - Columbus, GA to Nashville, TN

We are now in a moving mood. Our relocation started yesterday at exactly 2:10pm. The entire trip is more than 3,000 miles. Roughly about 41 hours. We can't afford to continue on that long, tiring drive so we are planning to only drive at least 8 hours a day. With that we will be in WA in 5-7 days depending with some impromptu side trips here and there.

Before we hit the road we stopped by my old workplace and bid goodbye to my co-workers. My manager had planned for a send off dinner but we were all so busy to push it through. She told me whenever I find a job I can put her as reference. I really hate saying goodbye but have to. Afterwards we passed by Walmart to get some food and drinks. We brought a cooler so we will have something to grab along the way.

We arrived Nashville at 7:45PM. It wasn't that long drive only 5-6 hours. The time changes because TN follows central time zone. When we left Columbus itwas raining and we arrived Nashville it is still raining. For the third time hubby brought me and now with Shiloh in Opry Mill Mall. We had our dinner there. The mall closes at 9:30pm so we looped around and check what's new. Then stopped by at Gap and bought DD winter outfit. We are in the hotel now and tomorrow we will continue our trip again.



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