Relocation Trip IV - St. Joseph, MO to Sidney, NE

Our 4th day of travel started at St. Joseph, Missouri. I really feel we are vagabond hopping from one hotel to another. It's exciting to say the least even if it sounds tiring. I am glad that it didn't rain again when we started our trip. We should be crossing Nebraska but hubby said we will stop after we traveled more than 300 miles. We still stick to our plan of not driving at night time.

We passed by mostly farms in Nebraska. We stopped by some service stations to get gas and stretched out. I can't believe I will be able to cross the US from the east coast. I wanted to get out and take some pictures but I figured we will be so late in arriving in Washington State if I have to do it. I can't take a good shot also if I take it inside the car since I am sitting at the backseat with our DD. I just store the scenic views in memory.

We stopped by at Sidney, Nebraska for the night. It's a quite place. We stayed at Comfort Inn. I think the hotel is new or maybe newly renovated because our room is pretty nice and the furniture and appliances are new. I was able to get a good sleep because Shiloh sleep through the night again.



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