Relocation Trip V - Sidney, NE to Ogden, UT

Day 5 of our trip started from Sidney, Nebraska. We left the hotel before 11am. Hubby topped up the gas for the long journey. We didn't pass by Omaha it's on the east of Ne and we are going on to the west. Along the way there was really nothing but scenic view of hills, mountain range, barns, ranch and I think some oil rigs. I can't imagine myself living in the middle of nowhere but I salute to those who can.

First time I saw windmills is also in Nebraska. I forgot what town was it. Haven't had the chance to take a picture because it will require us to get out of the car to get a good angle. Hubby took a couple when we stopped by a rest area. I have to transfer our pics when we get to Washington.
The long stretch of our journey for this day was trying to cross Wyoming after Nebraska. After we reached the border we had 392 miles to cross Wyoming. And we have to prepare a long haul.

We reached Cheyenne, Wyoming at a decent time. It's a nice city and a lot to see. I think almost all the city in Wyoming is in between mountain ranges. Whe passed by the sign that says continental divide and hubby took a pic of it. At the next rest stop it was on a summit that says 8000+ above sea level and there you can see the big Lincoln Monument made of stone. In Wyoming also I started to see snowcapped mountain. The snow has a hard time melting even if its very sunny in there because the wind is still cold and it's very elevated. Even the mountains don't have much trees but the rocky mountain is breathtaking to see.

Around 8pm we crossed WY and started to travail Utah, another mountainous state. I can't see much of the scenery because it is already dark. When we arrived at Ogden, UT we checked in the first hotel we saw at the first exit because we're all ready to retire for the day. We stayed at Motel 6. The room is spacious and in fairness their internet connection is high speed. The hotel is situated in a hilly area overlooking the business center of Ogden.



Raquel said...

Madz, akong nabasa tanan nimong relocation updates, wala lang jud koy daghan time mag blogging. Busy ko pirmi sa akong gamatitoy oi!

Sayang ba dili ka maka picture sa mga sceneries nga inyong malabyan. You are right, just store it in your memory nalang. Kung cge mog hunong2x, nah basin ma abtan mog two weeks sa inyong travel. ;)

Good idea pod madz, dili mo ga byahe inig ka gabii, delikado labi na cge ga ulan. Kapoy na pod si hubby nimo sa adlawan, kilangan maka rest pod sya inig ka gabii.

O cge madz, I will try to visit you often para dili mo taas akong comment diri, ha-ha. Natingob ron.

Ok lang dili ka maka duaw sa akong blog oi. Inig abot nimo sa inyong new place, ma busy na pod ka for unpacking and arranging all your stuffs. I am still here supporting your blog, so no worries.

Enjoy your travel madz, if you can, take some pictures pod, he-he.

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