Relocation Trip VI - Ogden, UT to Pendleton, OR

We woke up around 8am and started to pack. We wanted to start the trip early. We had breakfast at Ihop. I noticed in every resto that we went to the services is great. In Ihop the service crew were all neat and clean and they are very nice. We had a scrumptuos breakfast that I can say is fit for a king :-)

After breakfast we headed to our journey. Along the way we still saw a lot of mountains. I was so amazed how the interstate cuts through the mountains following the slopes and ranges. I even thought that we are going underground because when you see from afar where the road turns you will see the mountain from both sides meet and as if you are going under it. There is a short tunnel that we passed thru though.

When we entered the border of Utah and Oregon, it's Ontario, Oregon, we stopped at the rest stop. There was a truck parked and inside was a lady I presumed a Filipina then her husband came out from the restroom. Hubby went to the restroom first and me and baby stayed in the truck. When the cuople pulled over he stopped by and asked hubby if we came all the way from GA because he saw our license plate. Hubby said yes and the wife asked me if I am Filipina. Hubby called me to come out of the truck and meet them. They're Filipino couple who have been here in the US long time ago. They are from Utah and also relocating her in WA, the same city we will be living hopefully.

After refreshing ourselves from the rest stop we continued our journey. We tried looking for a good place to stay at for the night. We didn't found a place that caught our interest with. We passed by Baker City and saw hotels that we know but hubby missed the exit and the next exit to turn back is far so we continued until we reached Pendleton, Or. We exited and stayed at Holiday Inn Express. It was already 8pm and glad we found a good place to stay.



Analyse said...

so you're moving?

~Mheldz said...

Hi Bless,
Welcome to the Rainy Oregon!!
I can relate to your moving experience & its no joke. It's really exhausting ,first of all and the places you passes all looks the same, flat & boring ( my opinion :) ). Atleast the weather isn't so bad so the trip is more pleasant. My DH drove all the way from NY to Oregon & it took him almost 4 days ( me & the kids flew,he had to stay to finish some work). 2004, we drove from NY to Dallas Texas , IN THE WINTER!! hahahaa everybody thought we were crazy. Two small kids & icy road on a 3 thousand something miles wasn't fun at all.

I hope you guys settles down nice & smooth.

TC :)

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