Relocation Trip VII - Pendleton, OR to McChord AFB, WA

Wow the last stretch of our long journey has ended. We took a 7 day drive of the 41 hours straight driving time from Georgia coming here in Washington State. We had a good night sleep at Holiday Inn. We checked out and I discovered outside that the crew of Hannah Montana who had just finished their concert show in Salt Lake City, Utah also stayed at Holiday Inn. Their big pink RV (bus) was parked outside. I am not sure if the pop princess was there too. I just saw the pretty dancers and other crews inside the hotel. Hubby asked me what's all the hype with her that she's all over the news :-) Well it's all girly thing.

So we started the last of the long haul. We reached south of WA state I believe in about 2 hours. I saw the sign Welcome to Washington, The Evergreen State. I joked to hubby where's the green? I only saw brownish yellow mountain. Hubby said wait til you see the real thing. Sure enough we passed by beautiful scenic green mountains on both sides of the interstate. The vineyards that we passed by are really breathtaking. It is like a landscaped nature.

We reached our destination in a decent time around 4pm. I am so thankful we got here safe and sound. No untoward incident that happened. The entire trip was awesome. It is tiring to note but we got a lot of rest though. We are checked in at AFB and looking for a place to live. Hopefully we can find one as soon as possible.



Raquel said...

Madz, at last ni abot na jud mo sa inyong destinasyon. Clarification lang madz, morag na behind ko lately sa imong relocation update. Abi na ko sa Hawaii na re-assign si hubby nimo.

My World said...

hi bless!

nice to know, you're finally in your destination. be safe and hope you'll find your new abode soon.


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