We All Have Sniffles

Our trip to New Jersey gave us all one thing, colds. For me and hubby I guess it's because we don't have enough sleep that our immune system were not able to cope up. While we were in Washington DC on the first day it was so windy and cold at 60's temperature. Walking along the street with not much sleep bombarded with the cold breeze of wind made it more chilly. I was shaking really. We left GA with 80s temperature and I wasn't prepared for the cold days to come. I imagine when we get to Washington State it's gonna be very cold. I don't know if I can handle the first few days without getting the colds. I hope not.

My concern right now is our DD. Her congestion was fading which we are thankful but now after experiencing the cold weather in NJ and DC she not only have congestion back but a runny nose. It's so pitiful to hear her breathe it sounded like a snore. When the Daddy suction her nose she didn't complain. I guess she felt the difference when the mucus is suctioned out than being in her nostrils. So far she didn't get cranky when she goes to sleep even with the colds. I just pray it will get well soon.



marie said...

Oh yeah I know the feeling and it's very irritating more so with babies, wawa naman. I hope the three of you feels better the soonest.

Bless said...

Hi Marie! Thanks for the visit. Yup hope we'll get better soon.

recel said...

hi Bless... wawa naman kayong tatlo. ang hirap nyan! ganyan talaga, iba-ibang panahon, iba-ibang lugar. our immune system will really slow down. labi na kulang kaayo mo ug tulog and rest. i hope u'l get better so soon. u need that.

take care and God bless!

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