Almost Done

We are almost done with our unpacking. Actually it's hubby who does most of the unpacking. I just help him with light stuff. Even putting away the clothes he did all of it. He will ask me where to put things and he'll do it as told. I am so thankful that he is very understanding. He don't oblige me to help. I give all the credit to him from the day our household goods were delivered until now. I was kinda problematic were to start but he told me not to worry he will handle everything. And he did, I am so proud of him.

Right now while doing this entry he's putting together the dining table. I am doing the baby sitting and then arrange some decors. I think it is where I am good at. Tomorrow we will hang pictures and mirrors. Earlier we went out for grocery shopping. At last we were able to get the things that we need. We are back to normal again.



recel said...

aha! pagka-sarap naman ng role mo ah.. taga-instruct lang.. and let hubby do it na.. hehe! maao ay plastar na mo dha bless.. time pa.. asa na gani mo karon nga state?

cge regards dha bless!

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