Cell Phone Etiquette

Your Cell Phone Etiquette is 6% Bad, 94% Good

You are practically a cell phone saint. You never annoy the people around you.
Everyone should have phone manners as good as yours. And you sure wish they did!

How's Your Cell Phone Etiquette?

I can't go out without my cellphone but I can't stand hearing a cellphone ringing especially when you are not supposed to use a cellphone in a certain area. I haven't, ever, use a cellphone while driving and never will I be. If I have to I may have to pull over on the sides just to use it. I heard a lot of negative consequences using a cellphone while driving. It was surveyed that most people or teenagers got into an accident because of using phone while driving, especially texting. I really wish others learn to consider other people when using their cellphone.



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