Driving at Rush Hour

We picked up my car already at our friend's house. I was following hubby going to our new apartment. It was my first time driving here in Olympia. The streets are quiet busy because it was around lunch time. The good thing was eversince we pulled out from the house we only made all right turns. Before going to our apartment complex we passed by the gas station and fuelled both vehicle. I felt weird driving again after almost a month of not being behind the wheel. I have to get used to it since hubby will go back to work next week and he will be in a regular unit. I know in time I will be able to know how to get around town.

I noticed that the streets/roads here in our area is more busy than in Columbus, GA. Traffic is everywhere. We went back to Ft. Lewis from Olympia at around 5:30pm and the traffic was real heavy. We hopped on Interstate 5 - this connects from Washington to Canada and also down to California, not a single day that it's not congested especially in Seattle area. That is why I told hubby it may take more time for me to get around and drive because I will feel dizzy looking at the traffic. My only concern is driving from our apartment to hospital, commissary, PX and mall near our area. I will take baby steps though :-)



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