Google Reader

Don't you just love google reader, I do and I am glad mareng Raquel introduced me to it. Why do I love it? Because it enable me to know and read the updates of my friend bloggers. When I open my gmail account I check the google reader and there appears all the updates of the blogs that I subscribed. Before I go to the website I've already read the updates.

It is really convenient for me especially now that I have a not so good connection. These past days we are living from one hotel to another that I don't have fast connection to check all my friends blogs. The uploading of websites is very slow and I get error all the time. With google reader I am still up to date in reading your blog guys but pardon me for not commenting and actually bloghopping because of my internet connection. I will make up for everything. I will try my best to get through thou. Thank you all and thanks to google reader too!



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