Oldest City Artwalk

I am an example of a person who loves art but the art I guess don't love me. Why? Because I don't have any talent whatsoever when it comes to painting or even drawing. I am only a big fan of it. I remember the first time I saw original artwork of famous and renowned artists in British National Museum, it was totally awesome. I do love to visit galleries as well. I have read online that in St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the US, they will start the First Friday Weekend Art Walk this coming December 7th and 8th and thereafter. They will showcase the works of art and music of the artists of St. Augustine. The city is well known of being the home of many artists and art-lovers.

This big cultural event which is the St. Augustine Artwalk is free to all sightseers, free parking, free trolleys and trains to any destinations of the artwalk, lots of entertainment, music and refreshments. They will have exhibit on different art category; painting, photography, architecture and design, music and a lot more. I am so eager to watch this kind of event. It fascinates me to see the masterpieces of the artists. I am sometimes envious of their talents. I am going to make a schedule to see the artwalk when everything will be settled here



Mariuca said...

Oh me too! Just can't draw or paint no matter how much I try he he... Have a good weekend Bless and I tagged u with a meme! :):):)


Bless said...

Thanks Marzie I will check it out.

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