Pinoy Connection

My friend in GA, she is also a military wife, told me that here in Washington there are lots of Filipinos. They were stationed here before also. Sure enough when we got here I saw many Pinoys and Pinays. We went to the PX/BX Exchange and they are everywhere. Either working there or shopping. And when we went downtown Lakewood and Tacoma we passed Pinoy Store, and Pinay Hair Saloon.

While going around I asked hubby to stop by at a Teriyaki Place to eat. While we were eating hubby is facing at the window and what he saw was a resataurant that says Filipino cuisine. He told me I am happy now coz I found a bunch of Filipno already. During dinner time me and baby just stayed in the hotel and he went out to get food. He went to Filipino resto and I didn't ask him what to get. But when he got back he was bringing a lechon paksiw and sinigang na baka of course with rice. It was delicious.

So yesterday we went there for lunch and boy how I missed those kare-kare, ginataan, humba, pinakbit, pancit, kakanins and a lot more to choose from. I was having a feast as what hubby said. I definitely would go back there when I don't feel like cooking.



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