Shiloh's 6 Months Appointment

Today is our DD's six months well-baby check up. I am glad everything is good. She is growing at 50th percentile and gaining weight at 5th percentile. I am concerned with her weight though but the Pedia said she is doing great. Her weight chart is curving up and the growth is steady. She is just a small baby just like Mommy. The whole time of the check up Shiloh was bubbly and smiling at the nurse and her Pedia. She only cried when she was given the shot. I was asked by the Pedia about her milestones and it includes the following:

* can bear weight when you hold her upright;
* can crawl;
* can grab/grasp, rake toys and put in her mouth;
* can play bubble, coo, laugh;
* can sit down with support and can sit down on her own for about 2 minutes;
* can pull up when you hold her hands.

I noticed that she is stronger now. She can pull herself up just by holding her hand. When she's in her car seat she holds on to her seat belt and force herself up. She gets frustrated because she can't get out only lift her head and shoulders though.



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