Special Hollywood Promotion by AAMCO

AAMCO Transmissions is the leading car care expert here in the US. They have master technicians that will help you in whatever needs you have for your vehicle, tune ups, oil change, transmission repair, brakes, shocks/struts, air conditioning, car suspension, cooling systems, battery change, anything and everything. Their great customer service is designed to help in bringing your vehicle up and running.

Right now AAMCO has a special promotion of winning a trip to Hollywood for 2. It is their Live Free or Die Hard promotion. The price includes of course airfare roundtrip, hotel stay for three nights at a 4 star Renaissance Hotel which is near to the best places in Hollywood like the Kodak Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame and others. Plus a day to be spent with the movie Live Free or Die Hard stunt men. You will also receive goodies from them. Isn't it great? It is very simple to join. Just go to AAMco.com and fill the form and submit it. I have been dreaming to go to Hollywood eversince I came here in the US. I have been wishing we can go there sooner too. I am a movie buff that is why I am so dying to go there someday. This drive hard promotion of AAMCO can give me a chance to fulfill this wish of mine. If I will win I will be the happiest person ever.



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