Our DD Shiloh was cranky because she was constipated plus her second teeth is coming out. She was eating good now with the baby foods that makes her constipated. I was playing with her by making her stand up and massaging her back and legs. Until she was trying herself to go. It was funny looking at her pushing. Hubby took a picture thru my cellphone while she was pushing and mind you it was a success. She was a happy baby afterwards.



gwapasila said... mao sab ni si Dylan before Bless...I'm glad Shiloh is okay now...Musta naman diha? TC

Raquel said...

Agoy nag ngipon na diay si Shiloh. Yay, kulba na sa paak, ha-ha-ha.

Madz, you've been tagged pressure.

J@n!ce said...

Give her some juices. Make the milk less concentrated, else she constipate even more. She is lovely, such cutie :)

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