Where We Spent Thanksgiving

Yes we are very fortunate to have a good weather forecast this Thanksgiving weekend. Although it's chilly in the morning but the sun is very visible in the afternoon. At least it is not raining and wet. Last year we were in New York for our Thanksgiving. I was four months pregnant then. The years before that we spent our Thanksgiving in hubby's family in South Carolina. Now that we are here in the west coast we are spending the holiday with friends. We are not sure if we are going to cook since we have 3 invitations already. We may cook a little bit though since there's only the three of us. I hope everyone have a great celebration.




recel said...

happy thanksgiving Bless!

kami rin, kami lang palagi tatlo during thanksgiving day! hehe... but it's worth thanking pag kasama mga mahal sa buhay! regards dha...

JO said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!

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