Snow, Rain and Wind

Yesterday we experienced the first snow here in our new place. Snowflakes pouring down before noon. Me and Shiloh sat on the flower looking outside through the glass French-door going to the patio. We watched the grounds from green turning to white. It was a sight to see. But the snowing didn't last long. It stopped and the rain with matching strong winds continued until today. At evening time despite the rain we went on post for grocery shopping. And the whole day today we just stayed at home. I woke up with a headache and didn't like to go out because of the weather. We are cooped in the house and did nothing but watched telly and movies. I watched TFC in the livingroom earlier while hubby watched his own show in the bedroom. Now we are watching a movie while doing this entry.



Mariuca said...

Hi Bless, I love snow!!! Too bad that will never happen here in Malaysia! Make me a snowman will ya?! :):):)

""rare jonRez"" said...

ahhihih! tugnaw na bless? hehe! we had our first snow here last wee. and later today mag snow na pud until tomorrow. huhuhuh! regards bless!

Norm said...

Its cold narin dito bless, daming snow sa labas...I got tag for you pala...have a nice day

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