I was watching the Today Show at MSNBC and they are talking about how to live better today. I find the topic very helpful to me because I am also a procrastinator. I tend to put off some things that I know I can do right away. When it comes to errand and other things around the household I am a slacker. Especially when hubby was still here, I always wait for him to do the things that I can do myself. He may have spoiled me and so I became so dependent. Now I need to do it and there is no better way to start but to avoid procrastination.

So back to the Today Show, in the sense they are talking about procrastination as the root why some people have the hard time of living their life to the fullest. We all know the sayings "don't do tomorrow what you can do today". This teaches us to act now when you have something to accomplish. I quote the ways to stop procrastinating.

1. Use time planning.
2. Chunk it down.
3. Give yourself credit.
4. Use positive self-talk.
5. Get a buddy.

All these are accordingly good ways to overcome procrastination. Honestly, right now beginning of the year I write down all that I need to do in a daily basis including appointments. So far it really puts me on track of everything that I need to do. With regards to household chores, I also put in writing when I will do it. It does work and it takes self discipline also to get everything in order and make your planning works.



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