I Helped, You Pushed

I pity my little one because the past three days she was constipated. She was able to go but she is struggling to let it out. I was trying to help her by massaging her tummy doing the "criss-cross apple sauce", then doing the bicycle with her legs. I even gave her warm bath every night to help her digestive system work. Then last night was the final performance. I put her in her exersaucer and she was pushing and crying when I pick her up she was sweating. Girl, how pitiful to look at my little baby in labor. Sweating and all she was able to bring it out. I thought I would need a forceps but massaging her lower back helped a lot. I am very proud of her. She had a good night and restful sleep.



Dauphine said...

Hi Bless you might wanna try prune juice next time or grapes. Mao na amo ipainom kang Nicole sauna. Hope that helps for the next time. Dli malikayan sa bata na magka constipated cla.

Lanie said...

hi bless, reading this post i can so relate! ^_^ ang ginagawa ko dati, prones nilalagay ko sa rice cereal! nag work sa kanila! apple sause doesn't really work on my kids. try mo prones daw. ~_^ kumusta kana dyan?

Bless said...

Hello Dauph thanks for the visit. Yup I gave her prunes mixed in her cereals and prune juice. She went pero sakitan cya. But she's doing good now.

Hello Lanie. We are doing great. Thanks for asking. Yup I figured apple sauce just made her more constipated. Prunes really do wonder :-) Thanks sa advice.

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