I Need New DigiCam

I can't take pictures this time because I don't have camera. Our Daddy brought our old one so I ended up taking pictures of Shiloh on my phone. I can use our video cam because it has still photo capture but I don't like to open and close it eveytime I am using it. It's a hassle. So now I am in need of a new digital camera. I am planning to get one early next month. Is there anybody who can give me some hints or pointers of what brand I should get. I prefer a small, handy one. If you are using one and you think it is very nice, easy to use and affordable please give me some testi. Thank you guys.



recel said...

bless, why not try canon sd1000 7.1 MP? pretty cheap. it's $169 at tigerdirect.com. wo weeks ago nagpalit ko ug duha ka koda nga 6MP hastang baratoha jud, libre pa jud tag 1GB nga memory card. ang isa kay $73 ra, ang isa kay $59. pastilan, naabot na tawon sa amoa sa cdo, lingaw tawon kaau akong ate pagkadawat niya oi. good deal jud. check tigerdirect.com, newegg.com, and wolfcamera.com. goodie kaau ilang deals.

but canon is what i would recommend. the best jud! :D

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