Sleeping Pattern

Our Darling Daughter's sleeping pattern for a week now is getting better. Everyday she will have 2 naps and 1 long sleep. Beginning of this year I started to change her bath time at night around 8:00pm. Then put her to sleep. She will doze off but will wake and then goes back to sleep at 9 or 9:30pm until the morning. She will still wake up and look for food. Since I am breastfeeding so I will just feed her and she will go back to sleep. She wakes at 9am but when I breastfeed her she goes back to sleep and wakes up at 11am. During the day she naps after I feed her lunch. Usually at 12:30 for 15min. At 2-3pm she will go to sleep for an hour or so then nap again at between 4 or 6pm. Although there will be times that she goes to sleep after 10pm especially if she wants to be played instead of put to sleep.



SexyMom said...

Hi sis, blog hopping lang. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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