Sunny Day

Wow I can't believe it the sun is up since this morning. Even though it is cold but at least it is not raining. I was able to go out and check our mails and have a little walk around the complex with Shiloh. I know we need some sunshine for some time as well. I wanted to go on post to send out something for my husband but I haven't finish writing my letter. I was also waiting for a delivery that supposed to be delivered on the 10th but it is already 16 and we haven't got it yet. I will call them up tomorrow and inquire about it. For now we are waiting again for our Daddy's call and hopefully he can be online so we can see him through the web cam just like the other day.



Sunshine4Life said...

hi bless, im glad u started with a sunny day. we did here too but now it is raining and gloomy.

tagged u here, sis

pls check it out. thanks

recel said...

oh... that's good bless nga makita ninyo inyo daddy sa cam.. it's comforting to know... nice lagi naa sunshine oi. diri pud sa amoa, bahala tugnaw kaau, basa he sun is up ay ako i-keep ang amo kurtina to let the sunshine in. mura gud summer! :) hugs to shiloh...

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