Broken Window

I posted it before in my other blog that the day hubby left for Iraq our truck's rear window got busted. We do not know who did it or what had happened. Until now we haven't had it fix yet. Why? Because when we scheduled it for repair the lady from the shop where our Insurance commissioned to do it, she said I will pay $243.30 for it. Then when the guy from the shop came one day he said he don't have the type of glass for replacement and that we will have to reschedule it. When we reschedule it he called me that I part itself cost $500 without tax. Then I told him why did the lady told me it is only $243.30 and now it is more. According to him that the lady quoted different part, yada, yada, yada. So I told him to just cancel it and I have to discuss it with the insurance and my husband. So hubby and me decided to have it done somewhere else and since I don't like to drive it I may have to wait until he comes back. Or maybe one day I will just drive it down the road at MAACO. Here is the picture of the truck with broken window below.



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