Effect of Sippy Cup to Speech Development

I was watching our local news and they reported about the effect of using sippy cup. Accordingly the frequent usage of sippy cup can affect the speech capabilities of babies. Just like pacifier it will displaces the tongue when babies are using it by pushing the tongue to the back of the mouth, thus delaying the development of speaking ability of the little kids. But it was said that when they stop using it their language development will go back. As a first time Mom I am concerned when I heard the news. Being Moms we want our children to develop their speaking ability in a proper way. I am glad she is not using a pacifier at least I only have the sippy cup to worry for. Right now Shiloh is using sippy cup and I am trying to transition her to regular cup. She is still small to use the regular one but I think she like it better than the sippy cup though.



""rare jonRez"" said...

ooooh really bless? wala pa ko kabalita ani dah. wa pa pud koy nabasa. but anyway, triz was never into pacifier. and with a cup? she prefers the strawed cup too. mas gusto pa gani niya king regular na jud na glass. so hopefully, ok ra ni. :)

konoha_shinobi said...

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