Got My Camera

After a while of debating to myself whether I get a new camera or not at last I got myself one. My good friend Recel talked me into it as well so I am thankful for her input. I got this Canon Powershot SD1000. I was comparing from the different electronic seller online about its review and so far a lot of people recommends for this compact digital camera. It is very affordable and take good pictures besides being a very small camera. Right now I am learning how to use it reading the manual. This will be my everyday camera from now on.



""rare jonRez"" said...

haha bless u'r welcome. i'm glad u finally have this one! di ba nindot kaau? pila ka memory imong gigamit? i am using 2 GB and it's really awesome. it produces good quality of pics jud. and the video is amazing. pwede na di maggamit ug videocam. hehe... great buy Bless!

Bless said...

Hellocel..yup I think I will love this cam for a long time :-) I am still using the included memory which is only 32MB I will buy another one pa. Ako pa gitestingan. Tsada oi. Klaro kaayo ang kuha. The picture is really clear and bright.

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