IZEARanks is the Real Rank

It got me confused about all this blog ranks from different blog tools. Some promised you of giving you more traffic once you sign up to them and they will give you rankings that for me really promised nothing but just boggles my mind. Since I am into blog advertising I wanted to know and be aware where I stand with respect to my Blog Ranks. And who else gave me the satisfaction of knowing my real rank is through the IZEARanks. I have a lot of blog stats that I was putting in my blog hoping I will be enlightened but it only confuses me more. I am glad and very happy that IZEA came up with this blog ranking that explains more why I came up such number for my rank.

How IZEA works in determining the Blog Ranks is by weighing blogs 70% on daily unique visitors, 20% by daily active inbound links and 10% by daily page views as reported by ITK. These parameters are being collected by the IZEA Toolkit that is embedded in those blogs that signs up. The algorithm of IZEARanks is public so you can actually determine which aspect your blog is getting the numbers. I have below my badge that shows my RR for today. And I noticed that my numbers changes daily especially if more traffic in my blog. I like the ranking system it made me realize which percentage I should work more to achieve a better Real Rank. So I recommend you sign up for IZEARanks and determine your real rank.



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