My First Fall

I let Shiloh stay on the floor to crawl and roam around. Since she is more active now I can't do much blogging because I don't want to leave her unattended. Friday night she was crawling around and from time to time she pulls herself up when she can hold on to something. The she was on kneeling position banging the wall near our entrance door. I guess she was attempting to stand up but she was out of balance so she fell back and hit her head on the laminate floor. I wasn't able to grab her since she is a bit farther and I was stunned. I am glad that there was no bruise and she did not cry loud. She was startled by what happened and made her cry. I got so scared I thought it was a bad fall. I still felt bad about it. It was her first time falling. Even if I did all my best for not to get hurt or fall or whatever but its inevitable. It will really happen.



Vanniedosa said...

i felt soo bad the 1st time i dropped my baby too.
haii its inevitable nga. not at all times we can catch our children.

""rare jonRez"" said...

nah Bless oi, every baby man jud cguro maka experience ug fall ba. at least, as what i experienced with every baby i came in contact with. si triz pud kay sa bed jud first nahulog. hahayyyy kulba lagi kaau. maygani kay it was not a bad fall ra pud. hehe..

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