Recommended Activities for 9 Month Old

Every well child visit to Shiloh's Pediatrician they will hand out some paper with summary of her vitals, activities, feedings, and development for the month. I am listing here the activities that is being recommended by the Pedia.

* Play hide and seek. - We always do this.
* Have meals with the family. - As much as possible we eat together.
* Read books. - I am reading books to her even if she will just grab it and put it in her mouth.
* Point to and name body parts. - She still don't have the patience when we do this.
* Ask "who's that?" - I bought a toy photo album I put her pics with Daddy and ask her all the question.
* Develop a night time ritual. - I am slacking on this. Also because she will nap at 5 and wakes up at 6 or so made her to extend her sleeping time to 10 or 11pm.
* Play with blocks, shapes sorters, and push toys. - She have all these toys. She can only take out all the shapes out of the bucket. She pushes her toy wagon but she is sitting down while doing it. She still can't stand alone pushing it. She still wobbles.
* Sing songs and read nursery rhymes. - Trying to. I play nursery songs in the car. It helps her calm by listening to it.
* Roll a large ball towards baby. - Playing the ball I guess makes her tired coz sometimes she can't grab the ball and it keeps on rolling away from her she'll get tired following it.



Ritchelle said...

I tried doing some of these tasks pero usahay Shiela wants independence so I just leave her do it her own.Ang books nga dapat for reading puro na iningkitan,hahaha.She is eating with us sometimes kay she prefers our food,ulitan lagi.Hide and seek is good too pero we got no other place to hide kay sus pwerteng gamaya ra aning among payag dire.

Be ready for Shiloh's first steps,hahaha.

Merydith said...

Bless ni gawas na ang result sa nursing board exam. Diay ra nag link in case wa pa ka:

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