Shiloh @ 9 Months

Our Darling Daughter is now 9 months old. 3 more months and she will be considered a toddler. They grow so fast. I am amaze how everyday she shows more and more personality. She is trying to become independent in her ways and actions. She can express her emotions clearly through her actions. In short she is now a handful little one.

Shiloh's Milestones:

* Raise to sitting position and sit by herself.
* Pulls herself up to standing position.
* Crawls fast using her knees and hands.
* Picks up and bangs toys together.
* Respond quickly when you call her.
* Bubbles ma-ma-ma; ba-ba-ba; da-da-da; ta-ta-ta; va-va-va, zzz-zzz-zzz. She makes a lot of noise now.
* Cruises a little bit holding on to furniture.
* She can now appreciate more her toys.
* Plays with her little piano more often.
* Loves taking her bath but very hard for me to get her dressed because she will roll over fast.



Babette said...

Hi Bless, remember me? :) Congratulations on your baby girl. Ang tagal ko talagang nawala sa blog world, ngayon may baby ka na. hehehe I hope to see you around! :)

Francine said...

wow, she has improved a lot ha. its nice and it must be a lot of fun watching her grow as she discovers new things. good job bless

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