Thank You Mr. Postman

Among other things that I am grateful here in the US is the postal services. So far I don't have any bad incident with the postal service. They are to me as reliable as the other private courier companies. What I like most is the way we can just drop our letters or mail in designated outgoing mail boxes without going to the post office. As long as you have stamps available mailing your letters within the US is not impossible. Hubby asked me to mail out something this morning and he wanted it to be mailed priority that means I have to get dress and the baby then drive going to the post office. I told him instead of doing all the hassle I will just mail it regularly since I have stamps available. Glad he said yes so there I just put on my jacket as well as Shiloh and walk out to the mail box and drop the mail. It saves me time and effort and more saves my gas.



Angel said...

hi sis blog hopping have a great day

Babette said...

Bless, you can also schedule a pick-up of your Priority Mail by the postman(postwoman). Just go to where you can print out shipping labels, schedule pick-up(free),etc.

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