Find the Best Web Hosting Company

I was very disappointed by the domain and web host I recently bought because I can't open my blog and when I checked on where it was hosted it says the domain name was already hosted. But I can't open it. I was really ticked off. I already called them and they walk me through it but to no avail. Until now I still can't use it. I am only paying for nothing. That is why I am looking for the best web hosting company that will not give me a hard time and they can give me exactly what was wrong if ever I will encounter some glitches in my website. I was looking online and Kausal Sheth's recommendations for web hosting companies really help a lot. Of course I wouldn't make it a problem if I got the services that I am paying for. But the one that I got just gave me a headache. I was looking through the best web hosting shops that he recommended and one caught my interest. I wanted a somewhat personal approach in giving you support in your website since I am not really savvy with how all these techy thing. I guess I will go for some his recommended web hosting companies pretty soon.



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