Lead Poisoning

I was watching our local news last night and they reported that a family in a nearby town was evacuated from their rented house because their three children was poisoned with lead. The level of lead in the kids blood is way above the danger mark. As Mommies, we all know that lead is very dangerous for the development of our babies. It can affect their motor, cognitive, neurological developments. It is also one of my worries when I buy toys. I make sure I stay away from recalls and read boxes and labels if I am buying. Right now there is lead testing for all babies in that county making sure the other babies are safe. I am also thinking of mentioning lead testing for my little one when we visit her Pediatrician.



Babette said...

Hi Bless, it is important to have kids tested for lead. Here in MA, kids are tested every year. It's because there are a lot of old houses here and lead paint was used a lot. Good thing that we live in a newer home which was built after lead-based paint was banned by the govt.

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