Separation Anxiety

Our little girl's separation anxiety level now that she is 10 months old is heightened. I can't leave her alone even if it's only around the house. If I put her in her crib she know that I will leave her there so she will start whimpering and curl her legs together so I will know that she don't like to be put down. She know what she wants now and she is telling me through her actions and scream. Yes, scream and screech. She sound like a spoiled little bratty in tantrums. I've read that separation anxiety stage will be until 18 months old. I hope she will just be fine once we started to put her in day care. I may have to go out and let her see people too once the weather and temperature improves. We are always cooped up here at home that I am afraid she will be afraid when seeing other people :-)



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