Credit Card Review

In my entire life I only have one credit card that applied in my own name. Although I am a recipient of the husband as an authorized user so I also carry one from him. But before I applied I went to search for credit card reviews. I look for the various credit cards and compare the different features from low interest rates, grace periods, balance transfers, variable or fixed APRs and so on and so forth. I wasn't really sure at first if I want to apply but then I also need to work on to establish my credit history here in the US.

One of the website you can check for any credit card reviews is I love reading their blog wherein they tackle different credit cards. They have extensive information of a certain credit card they are featuring for the day. You can see the difference of the credit cards, may it be a rewards credit card, cash back credit card, pre-paid credit cards, bad credit, business and other types from different credit card issuers. I am glad I was able to compare first the different credit cards before applying. It gives me a lot of options and I was able to select the best from among the rest.



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