I Gave In to Temptation

Eversince hubby left in January I tried to suppress myself and cravings for it. I always keep myself guarded not to taste it again. But why is it that when you almost forgot about it, then it will haunt you like a shadow. I am being tested and as human I am very vulnerable to temptation especially so that it has been a long time since I had it.

Yesterday I wasn't able to hold myself. I have to quench my thirst from it. I am ashamed of myself because I gave in to temptation...waaahhh I did. I did not listen to my sane self...I followed the evil thoughts that nags me and without second thoughts I grabbed it...I grabbed it from it's shelf and hurriedly brought it to the counter. Yes I gave in to temptation and bought a liter of soda yesterday after almost 4 months of not drinking it :-(



Ritchiela said...

Haha,I was thrilled of what was it about.I know that you have been evading it pero the way you thrilled me,,,naks...

SO? nahurot nimo ang usa ka litro Bless?I am here with 2 liters a day.I am honest jud 2 liters jud nahurot nako the other day unya karon kay 1 glass nalang...grabehhh!

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